Rid Your Self-doubt And Find Confidence Again

Where you’re at…

You will be painfully aware of constant and nagging feelings of doubting yourself. Maybe you are carrying the message of “I’m not good enough,” from childhood. You may be living your adult life every day with a feeling of not being good enough, no matter how hard you try.

The problems you have right now…

Being plagued with self-doubt will be affecting every aspect of your life, including:

  • your confidence levels
  • your relationships with your partner, your children, your parents, your work colleagues
  • your ability to function at your best at home and at work and to give yourself credit for anything

What you need help with right now…

What would help you right now, is to understand where these feelings of inadequacy have come from. These are not feelings you were born with. Think for a moment when a child learns to walk. Children are never held back by lack of confidence, feelings of self-doubt and of not being good enough.

When you have established where your problem all started, you will need help of an experienced therapist to help you heal the subconscious, emotional damage caused, and to help you cut the negative ties that your subconscious mind has linked to these problem events.

How can the ‘Rid Your Self-doubt And Find Confidence Again’ package help you?

I will have already explained at the Taster Session, how the mind works and how the conscious and subconscious minds work together; and how things that get ‘stuck’ in our subconscious mind can have a significant effect on our adult life right now. I will have also explained hypnosis and how hypnosis works to allow you to access your subconscious mind; and I will have explained how positive changes can occur in your subconscious mind, to enable you to live the life you want to live, right now.

The ‘Rid Your Self-doubt And Find Confidence Again’ package will start with a consultation to understand where you are now and what you would like to achieve. It will be important for us to ‘calibrate’ your current feelings so that we can measure the progress you and your subconscious mind make. Each 90-minute session will include a hypnosis session specifically tailored to your needs.

Early in the course of treatment I will be using Hypnoanalysis techniques which will allow your subconscious mind to identify events in your life that have contributed to the problem in some way (a bit like peeling back the layers of an onion). Having identified at which ages of your life, events have occurred that have contributed to the problem, we will then allow your subconscious mind to show you anything you need to see to help you resolve it.

Once your subconscious mind has indicated there is nothing holding you back, all that remains is to boost your confidence and self-esteem using suggestion therapy, firmly planting and anchoring feelings of self-worth and self-confidence.

The way you feel will be transformed.

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