COVID-19 UPDATE: Wednesday 25th March 2020

These are unprecedented times!

The UK Government announced measures requesting that people “only go to work if absolutely necessary”, and whilst not NHS frontline, my work IS absolutely necessary for all my Clients.

Over the last 2 years I have had many successes with Clients, both face-to-face in my clinic in Norwich, Norfolk, UK and Online across the UK and Europe.

The current Social Distancing measures mean that I have had to temporarily close the physical doors to my clinic, however, Online is currently booming!!

All Complimentary Sessions and Treatment Sessions will be Online, until further notice using a straightforward video conferencing system.  Don’t be alarmed.  Many of you will have heard of Skype, FaceTime or Video Chat on Facebook Messenger.  For security and stability reasons, I use a remote conferencing service called ZOOM.


“So David… tell me more about ZOOM”.

Think of it like FaceTime or Skype on your laptop or tablet.

I will email you a clickable link 5-10 minutes before our session is due to start.

If you are using a laptop or tablet you simply click on the link and, after a short while, the Video Call will connect.  We will be able to see and hear each other and then our session begins just as it would face-to-face in the clinic.

If you are using the iOS operating system on an Apple device (such as on an iPad or iMac) you will have to download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app before the link will allow you to connect.

Before your online session I will email you a ZOOM Cheat Sheet which will really help.  I will also let you know a few other things to consider before our session.

If you are not familiar with using video calling – don’t panic – I can assure you that with a little guidance from me, you will very quickly become a ZOOM Pro!!

Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.


David : )


PS Listen to what some of my amazing clients said about their ZOOM sessions…


“I loved the online ZOOM sessions with David although I was sceptical at first.  David made me feel very comfortable and safe, and very quickly, it seemed like I forgot that we weren’t physically in the same room. David was very present and had everything under control.  I didn’t have to worry about anything… and one bonus was that I had the sessions in the comfort of my home”.

Beata from Denmark


“I used ZOOM for a recent Hypnotherapy Session with David and it was easy to download the app and join the meeting.  I was a bit worried how successful the session would be, doing it online but it was just as good as my first face-to-face session with David. The call can be recorded and listened back too which is fab”.

Lisa from Norfolk, UK


“Done a Hypnotherapy Session with David last night on ZOOM.  As this is all new to me still it was a scary thing to do.  David made me feel really calm as I find it hard with to deal with change. This is a difficult time for everyone but I still need the help and this was a great way to do it”.

Brian from Norwich, UK

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