Beat Exam Stress!

To claim your Complimentary “Beat Exam Stress” Online Session simply click the BIG ORANGE BUTTON below and pop in your details…

  • You’ll have time to really talk about your exam fears, and be listened to and completely understood… I’ll explain how your mind works and explain how it is possible to ‘Beat Exam Stress’ by changing the way you think and feel about exams… forever…
  • I’ll fully explain and completely demystify hypnosis and hypnotherapy and you’ll understand how this powerful complementary therapy can rid those exam fears!
  • You’ll have an opportunity to experience how wonderful hypnosis feels… and begin to imagine how this can really Beat Exam Stress!

Beat Exam Stress Sessions are Online and not at Oak Lodge. David will be in touch to advise details.

Here is what some of my amazing clients are saying…

Before my Complimentary Session I was anxious and found it difficult to relax, anything new made me nervous. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to unwind and take it on board but David helped me to understand how hypnotherapy can help, and made me feel at ease. It was great! With David’s guidance, I was able to feel relaxed and calm and understand the anxiety I had been feeling. It has helped to bring clarity to something that has bothered me for a long time, and allowed me to feel more calm and positive.

Rebecca from Norwich

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