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Here is how I can help you

Rid Your Self-doubt And Find Confidence Again

  • Do you have an inner critic telling you you’re not good enough?
  • Are you worried about feelings of inadequacy?
  • Do you lack confidence and doubt yourself constantly?

Overcome Anxiety And Leave Panic Attacks Behind

  • Are you worried about that constant heaviness in your mind?
  • Do you often think something isn’t quite right?
  • Are you frightened by sudden panic attacks?

Manage Your Stress, Learn To Relax And Sleep Well

  • Do you live with a huge knot permanently in your stomach?
  • Does stress feel like a hazy fog that is so thick it literally slows you down?
  • Do you have difficulty sleeping and spend most of your life exhausted?

Stop Procrastinating And Find Your Mojo Again

  • Do you hear yourself saying – I don’t feel like… I don’t want to… I’ll feel more like it tomorrow… ?
  • Do you put stuff off and then find you torture yourself because of it?
  • Do you lack motivation and sometimes feel like your own worst enemy?

Overcome Your Phobia And Say Goodbye To Fear And Panic

  • Do you have an intense, disabling fear?
  • Do you feel that your fear is excessive and unreasonable?
  • Do you avoid certain situations and places because of your fear?

Quit Your Addiction And Win Back Your Life

  • Do you feel that you need to smoke to feel normal?
  • Do you find coming down from a cocaine high is hell for you?
  • Are you ready to Quit Your Addiction? And I mean 9 out of 10 ready!

Lose Weight And Be Happy In Your Skin

  • Do you have excess weight around the middle that you’re not happy with?
  • Are you tired of yo-yo dieting where you keep gaining back the weight?
  • Simply put, do you often ‘feel like crap’?

Manage Chronic Pain and Enjoy Your Life

  • Has your body been hurting for weeks, months, or even years?
  • Did your pain start after an injury or because of a health condition?
  • Is your pain interfering with your daily life, keeping you from doing things you want and need to do?

Come To Terms With Separation, Loss and Grief

  • Are you overwhelmed with grief with unbearable feelings of loss?
  • Do your feelings of grief ever feel like you’re going crazy?
  • Do you find yourself suddenly crying at unexpected times and in unexpected places?

Here is what my clients are saying

I have worked in the NHS for over 30 years, I had always managed without any major hiccups. A closure resulted in a change of job, management and work location. A combination of all the changes resulted in several melt downs over a few months and a major one leading to the GP’s and being medicated. I was a mess, hated being medicated and hated being away from work…. I had to do something…. this wasn’t me.

Browsing FB I saw David’s advert offering a free consultation but what grabbed me most was the offer of help. I wouldn’t say I was a believer or disbeliever but I was desperate. I texted, booked an appointment and then worried about going. David made me feel at ease the first time I met him, I hadn’t felt so relaxed in a long time. I signed up to the 6 sessions without a second thought. I looked forward to my appointments. I had goals and David tailored our sessions to help me achieve them.

My time with David helped me realise that whilst outside influences that were out of my control had contributed to my melt down, I had through my own thought processes let them undermine my confidence and self esteem. The hypnosis as a whole was a healing process, David helped me to eliminate negative influences and by giving me a safe place for my thoughts I found refuge in positive thoughts which in turn revived my confidence and self esteem. By the end of my sessions I was a different person, I was off my medication and coping back at work but best of all I was happier at home and work. I love that David gave me my life back, actually he gave back a better version of me. He also gave me self help tools that I can call upon when needed or just to help me relax after a tough day.

It’s not just me that has benefitted from David’s help, my family, friends and colleagues get to interact with an improved me. It’s better than buy one get one free. What is better than investing in your own health and well-being… nothing. Thank you David you are a professional hero!



Before working with David, I was a self-doubter. If anything went wrong, I would instantly assume it was my fault. I felt people would take advantage of this, and this made me feel even more insecure. I have made a lot of changes in my life already, but felt I needed a little help accepting them, and that it was okay for things to change.

I was wasn’t worried about meeting David although I did say ‘don’t make me act like a chicken when someone says a trigger word’!

Working with David was an amazing experience, I always came away amazed at how calm and relaxed I felt for the rest of the day. It has made me realise a lot about my issues. I see them in a different perspective, which makes them easier to deal with.

I am now finding more peace in myself, and the confidence to do what I think is right for me, regardless what others think or say.



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Claim your FREE 90 minute Hypnosis Taster Session

To claim your FREE 90 minute Hypnosis Taster Session just click on the button below and enter your details